Rapid Tension Relief

Rapid Tension Relief

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Rapid Tension Relief uses rapid percussion technology to relieve muscle tension in targeted areas. Pair this option with your massage or stretch session for enhanced relief.

The Rapid Tension Relief enhancement or session is performed prior to any other service using the state of the art professional deep tissue percussive therapy gun “Theragun Pro”. This Golden standard gun is of over half a THOUSAND DOLLAR VALUE! Brought to you at A FRACTION OF THE COST!!

You will remain fully clothed during your Rapid Tension Relief service and your service provider will work with you to determine target areas and can adjust pressure at any time.


10-min Enhancement: Allows your therapist to focus on up to 2 target areas. (Up to 10 minutes)

30-min Service: Allows your therapist to focus on up to 11 target areas.

  1. Helps Relieve Minor Muscle Soreness
  2. Helps Promote Improved Circulation
  3. Helps Speed Warmup And Recovery Time



Feeling good starts with feeling comfortable

Rapid Tension Relief is offered as a 10-minute enhancement that’s part of your stretch or massage session. It can also be its own 30-minute, stand-alone session. Whichever you sign up for, your service provider will gently guide you through, so all you need to do is prepare for rapid relief. Here’s what you can expect.


Wear comfy clothes that allow you to move freely during your session. You’ll also want to drink plenty of water, so your muscles and soft tissue are hydrated for maximum benefits.  


When you get to Cocoa Suite Spa you’ll fill out your personalized form to indicate any medical history, injuries, or physical conditions that the service provider should be aware of. This step is important, so it’s best to arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to focus on you. 


You’ll review your personalized form with your service provider and discuss the areas of your body you'd like to address. A 10-minute enhancement will address up to 3 target areas and a 30-minute session will address up to 6.


Your session is held in a relaxing, private room. You won’t need to undress, as the service can be performed over most types of attire. Just make sure you come in comfy, loose fitting clothing.


Rapid Tension Relief is performed before any other service. You’ll work with your service provider to determine target areas and relief points. And don’t worry, they can adjust pressure at any time.


If you’ve added the 10-minute Rapid Tension Relief enhancement to your massage or stretch session, your service provider will address up to 3 areas of your body needing relief. They will utilize a high-speed percussion device to help ease minor aches and pains.


During this Rapid Tension Relief session, your service provider will address up to 6 areas of your body needing relief. They will utilize a high-speed percussion device to address minor aches and pains.


Each session or enhancement builds on the last one, so making Rapid Tension Relief part of your regular routine can help increase overall wellness.